Bwia L10-11 Replacement

Fri May 26, 2000 5:53 am

Has BWIA made any arrangements the L101-11 replacement. If they did please tell me the website with the information. I hope BWIA gets the A330-200 for the L10-11 replacement. It is the perfect aircraft for BWIA. The new colours would look great on the A330-200.

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RE: Bwia L10-11 Replacement

Fri May 26, 2000 6:07 am

Why would they buy the A330 if they already have the 737NG's They leased the A321 or 320 I think a few years back and decided that it was not for them...(good for you BWIA   ) My guess would be the 767-300 or -400
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RE: Bwia L10-11 Replacement

Fri May 26, 2000 6:18 am

Well you know even though I myself know that they are looking at the 764 and the A332, after seeing a report in Flight International that they were looking at combinations of "at least three" of either "767/777 or A330/A340" I really don't know.

I was originally convinced that the 777/A340 were too big for BWIAs needs (even though from Christmas through to Carnival it's a bitch trying to get a seat on the L1011s out of Heathrow) after reading a report somewhere that an airline has it's 772s configured for 223 seats I am starrting to warm to the idea of 777s. The Tristars seat 230 (I think).

What do you think. Originally an announcement was due to have been made this month but now it has been put back (again, like everything they do)/

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RE: Bwia L10-11 Replacement

Sat May 27, 2000 10:09 am

I could see them going for 767-300 or -400

RE: Bwia L10-11 Replacement

Sat May 27, 2000 10:17 am

I think they'll go for the B767-400ER, with their longest flight being around 9 hours, they don't really need all the range and capacity of the A330/A340/777. Although having said that, the B767-300ER with the new interior would be just as good for BWIA.

Panman, while some 772s may seat 223, BWIA's would seat a lot more since they're mainly a leisure airline (ie smaller Business Class cabin)

There's no real reason BWIA would choose Airbus, their longhaul fleet will be so small that it really needs to be compatible with the short-haul fleet of 737s