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What To Expect In Cvg?

Fri May 26, 2000 5:57 am

I am going on a COMAIR trip to Green bay in June. I will be going through CVG. What could I expect in the terminal? I already posted about what to expect on Comair, so no need to reply about that. I have never been to CVG. But I would like to know some info on the CRJs Safety Record. I'll post a Trip Report upon my return.

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RE: What To Expect In Cvg?

Fri May 26, 2000 6:34 am're gonna like the CRJ!!! I think that has to be one of my favorite's like a rocket with seats.   I've been on 5 (all with Comair), and I've always walked away with a smile on my face. The only bad thing is that the windows are really'll find yourself hunched over trying to look out when you're on the ground.

Anyway, CVG is a nice airport. Comair has it's own separate terminal (which kinda sucks because it's small and crowded), but the main Delta terminals are nice. They're big, new, and there are lot's of places to sit and spot (or shoot photos) for a while if you have a long layover.

Have a great trip...

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RE: What To Expect In Cvg?

Sat May 27, 2000 3:44 pm

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl. is a great airport I think. CVG is my favorite airplane in the world! CVG is nice, looks good, smells good, lots of good gift shops, etc. Overall, CVG is a wonderful airport. The terminals are in place to where you can watch airplanes easily too. For example, if you're in terminal B, face south towards the open space and not towards terminal A, and you'll be able to see planes landing and takingoff off of rnwy. 9/27.
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RE: What To Expect In Cvg?

Sun May 28, 2000 1:19 am

I've connected in CVG many times, with every trip conncecting from a CRJ to mainline and back. CVG is my favorite airport to connect. It's easy to get around, wide-open and clean. The only downside is, you will have to take a bus to get to and from the D gates for your connection. Very nice airport!
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RE: What To Expect In Cvg?

Sun May 28, 2000 2:21 am

If you come in on COMAIR, then I would suggest (if you have some time) to take the BUS to the main Delta terminal. The ride itself is great, you will be right next to some great aircraft. The main terminal is were you can take some awesome pics, especially now that AF comes in daily with a B767. The CRJs are great airplanes, by far the best performers when you come in on landing. From what I know the CRJ has a great safety record. Try to take a look @ the cockpit on your way in or out, it looks very roomy and comfortable to fly.


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