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Huge A380 FF Videos

Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:49 pm

Hi Netters!

I thought I though I should share with most of you the following videos (Beware, 150+ MB – I thing I’ve got enough bandwidth at least for the first to access....):

The first one is this:


It is basically a downloaded (no-sound) file from”emule” with added music as:

Chill-out Flamenco:
- Noches de Bohemia
- Volando Voy
- Tu me Candongas
- Sarandonga

And Original “Camaron de la Isla ” rumba ‘Volando Voy”

I think it is worth downloading it....

The second one is:


This is (in Spanish) the 27th of April TV News broadcasted in Tele5, Antena3, TVE1, TV2, TV24h, specially decicated to the most active (and respected) anetters and photographers from Spain:


Javier Guerrero (!!!!)
Ismael Jorda
Arie Shochron.....

You can contact me anyway via e-mail (In case of bandwidth exceeded or something....)

Happy 2006!!!