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America West Questions

Sat Feb 13, 1999 2:02 am

I have a few questions on America West Airlines. Does anyone know the current number of aircraft in their fleet along with how many of each aircraft? Are all of their 757s painted in "unique" liveries? Is there any chance that they will order 737NGs? Will they order any 757-300s? Iain do they still operate a 757-200 into John Wayne Airport in Southern California?
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RE: America West Questions

Sat Feb 13, 1999 2:22 am

A319: 3
A320: 31
B737-100: 1
B737-200: 17
B737-300: 46
B757-200: 13

Not all of their 757s are painted in unique liveries. I belive they have 6 or 8 or somewhere around there. They have them for the sports teams, a teamwork jet, a nevada jet, an ohio jet, etc. I highy doubt that they would order the 737NG because of their interest in the A320 series. I also still doubt that they would buy the B757-300. If they ever did chose to buy more large aircraft it would probably be a mix of B752s and possibly B767s. But I guess I would consider the B757-300 a possibility.


RE: America West Questions

Sat Feb 13, 1999 3:11 am

Yes a AWA 757 comes in at about 9:00 I hear it on my scanner all the time.
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RE: America West Questions

Sat Feb 13, 1999 4:04 am

It comes in from Ohio about 9pm. Sometimes
it will turn right around and go home to PHX
or stay the night. If your lucky you can see the
special liveries. I love the OHIO tribute livery job.
I have also seen the new paint job on their B757
and it looks great!