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Observation Deck At MAA

Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:39 pm

Before checking-in - which took forever - for my EK flight from MAA to LHR via DXB, I explored the terminal a little.

Much to my surprise, I found an observation area which overlooked the international portion of the terminal and the runway. There wasn't much to see while I was there - an SQ 773, AI 310 or two, couple of IC 320s flying to SE Asia - but I think it'd have been good for runway views during the day (I could see all the aircraft lights very clearly as they rolled, but I couldn't tell the airline because it was night).

There was wiring of some kind covering the outside window, but it nevertheless enabled relatively good views (for Indian airports). If I were a photographer, I'd have been very disappointed, but if I collected registrations - which I don't - it'd have been fine (subject to appropriate discretion, although I saw no officials).  

Incidentally, I enjoyed my flight from IXM to MAA (9W AT7; a great airline). It was nice to disembark from the aircraft and then get bussed to the terminal, obviously enabling views enroute.

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