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Korean Air Passenger Load Question From JFK To KUL

Tue Jan 03, 2006 5:51 pm

Happy New Year!!

I am booking a nice little trip from JFK to KUL through ICN on KE and booking it on Delta. The question is, what should I expect regarding passenger loads on the following flights on the following dates, thanks

March 30th, KE flight #82 JFK to ICN depart 12:30 pm arrive 5:00 PM 3/31

March 31st, KE flight #671 ICN to KUL depart 6 pm arrive 11:40 pm 3/31

return is

April 4th, KE flight #672 KUL to ICN depart 12:45 am arrive 8 am 4/4

April 4th, KE flight #81 ICN to JFK depart 11:00 am arrive 11:40 am 4/4