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Documents From The Flight Deck

Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:55 pm

Hi, i dont know if this belongs in hobby or what but i was just hoping to get an answer here..

on intl flights i always have a chance to go up to the flight deck and i dunno if its coincidence or what but i always tend to get a few sheets of documents that the pilot gives me to ponder over during the flight.. over the years i've collected a lot of:

ATIS, Flight plans, Weight and ballance and thats bout it.. every flight its either one of these documents..

i was wondering what else can the ACARS print out so that on the next flight i can request for these documents.

any suggestions what other documents that pilots might be willing to give me that i can keep as a colletion for the trip report or just as part of my collection? cuz that garbage bag that the pilots keep to throw the printouts away are always full just wondering what else is in there

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