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Help Wanted: Airlines + Planes In 1971?

Sat Jan 14, 2006 6:55 am

I would like to know, if anybody could help.

I took my first plane trips in 1970-1971; much too young to remember in which aircraft I flew, save for one...

So, I need help, if anybody could tell me, or confirm, in what and where I could have been flying.

I have been from Montréal to Paris, from Paris to Nice and from Paris to Montréal in the summer 1970. My dad says that it was on Air France, 747 for both transatlantic runs and Caravelle for ORY-NCE. That looks fine. And, I feel my oldest remembering of all is the Caravelle cockpit...

I also went for two trips in 1971. The first one, in the early summer, was to Guadeloupe Island, New York. I,ve been told it was YUL-LGA on AC (Viscount? Vanguard? DC9?), JFK-PTP on AF (707?), then a flight from PTP to somewhere in the West Indies (my dad says it was maybe in a Comet ???!?), from where we would have taken an AC DC8 to YUL.

Last trip, in the fall, from YUL to New York, LGA I suppose, on AC. DC9 or Viscount?

I feel this forum is about my only hope to know... Many thanks for any help.
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