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Spotting Tips For AUS (Austin, TX)

Tue May 30, 2000 4:08 am

Can anyone give me hints on getting good spots to spot at Austin. I will be going there on Friday Morning for about 3 hours (8 am to 11 am). What can I expect and are there any good points to get good pictures from?

I've flown on 9V-SPK.
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RE: Spotting Tips For AUS (Austin, TX)

Tue May 30, 2000 12:52 pm

There are two places to shoot from. The first is the best, is a golf course that has a rest and parking area, this area has a fence that is runs along side the East runway. To get there go past Bergstrom's entrence and there will be a sign on the right to point you to the golf corse. The other place is not so great due to parking, Berlison Road. Here the planes go right over you and they are low. The only problem is that there is no place to park except the side of the road. The best viewing time is between 1:00p and 3:30p on week days (but this may not always be the case as I found out on 4/24/00). Good luck in Austin!