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Why Is Eurowings Still Operating The BAe146s?

Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:29 am

When I used to work for Eurowings a few years ago, I could read the "daily operation report" in the company internal intranet, back then I already saw that the BAe146s had many technical problems almost daily.

A few weeks ago I was looking at the website of ZRH airport to look for the movements. I saw that a flight that I was booked on (to DUS, operated by EW BAe146 was cancelled on a Saturday so I decided to check the status of this flight more often because I was booked on the same Saturday night flight a few weeks later. So I went almost daily to the ZRH website and I saw that the evening flights to DUS and MUC (both operated by EW BAe164s) were very often cancelled or delayed.

Yesterday evening while sitting at the departure gate, the gate agent made an announcement that our flight would be 15 minutes late because of the late arrival time from DUS. In the end was our flight 30 minutes late and I missed my train home, instead of 22:37h I arrived at 00:05h.  Angry

The captain explained later that they had to change the planes at DUS because the plane that was originally supposed to operate the flight had a technical problem on the landing gear.

Sorry but why is Eurowings still operating this flying crap? It is expensive for them to repair the planes almost daily and it is extremly annoying for the passengers that flights are cancelled or delayed almost every day. In the future I will not book a flight that is operated by the EW BAe146's because I want to arrive on time.

However I have to say that the service on the flight yesterday was excellent, the F/A's served a big sandwich and two drinks (I only took one). Pretty good for such a short flight.

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RE: Why Is Eurowings Still Operating The BAe146s?

Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:35 am

The only reason I can think of is lease rates and availability. Do EW use the STOL capabilities of it's 146's on it's current route network?
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RE: Why Is Eurowings Still Operating The BAe146s?

Mon Jan 23, 2006 4:10 am

Well -SN Brussels still use ton's of them..most likely a matter of unavailability of comparable,economically feasable aircraft.
They probabely will use them until the Suchoi RRJ-95 becomes available...  Wink ,since Embraer do not seem to find the honours of LH...
(if the RRJ-95 would be available today-I'm sure many airlines would go for it !)
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