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Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 1:31 am

Enough! I am fed up with people sitting by a window only to find a place to sleep. I am the kind of guy who 's watching out of the window all the time of the flight. Everytime the check-in clerk says "no windows, sorry" I feel like I don't wanna fly. And while I am sitting in an aisle seat with smoke coming out of my ears and the plane executes the last turns and slips just before landing I am thinking very bad things for all those passengres who occupy the window seats and never bother to look outside or, the worst, are sleeping!!!!

I just wanted to share this with you...


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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 1:35 am

I find it's a more comfortable sleeping position to lean on the window rather than lean on the passenger next to you...

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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 1:38 am

Thats GOOD if somebody is sleeping by the window. you are seating in the aisle on the side with window and you trying get some sleep during the long transatlantic flight and some stupid woman with kid is going back and forth and you cant sleep at ALL!!!!

And during the landing shes closing the window because shes scared of landings!!!!!! Thats what will get you explode!!!

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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 1:45 am

It's better if that person at the window is sleeping. They don't splay out all over and just put their head on the wall and there's nothing in the way of the window. The worst is when that guy isn't sleeping and is like you, looking out the window. At that time you open up a can of whoop-ass and regulate with your gatt.

Just kidding. Ask the guy to move.
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 1:52 am

You have to understand that people often find the window seat a great place to sleep, they don't have to lean on somebody else.

And people may close their windows not just because they're scared of flying, but it may be too bright outside for them to sleep, or they just simply want less light. Airsickness can be a reason, too. Especially if looking out the window makes one queasy - not much different than carsickness. Ever wonder why some kid always barfs in tha back seat, but never when he's riding up front?

Frankly, there's not much you can do about it, except find an empty seat with a window you can sit in.
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 2:40 am

hey Ovelix and others .... Fly Boeing too (because i hate not having the window seat, i get to sleep and then on take off and landing, i watch like a kid watching cotton candy being made, face on the window... but i have had the middle seat on a UA A320 ... between a fat biker/trucker and a lady that read a book in the way of the window and i just wanted to take her book to the rear of the plane and open the portside door and toss that sh*t and her out and seal it back up just so i could have the window. ) .... go to and book your flights they have an e-ticket system and allow you to choose your seats when you buy them (more often than not)
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Go To ...

Wed May 31, 2000 2:44 am

i meant go to ual.com
i used what the airliners.net thing said for a link, but it doesn't work. book there and choose your seats.
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 3:11 am

I hate the stupid people that ask for a window only to not look out of it, sleep or close the shade. That happened to me recently on a FLL-ORD flight on a UA 757. I was in business class and I got a damn aisle, The stupid old hag that had the window never once looked out ofit, slept or closed it, but she got up 4 times to go to the bathroom on a 2h 45min flight. God do I hate her for not looking out the window. Even worse is that she was just reading when we were landing!!!!
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 3:21 am

It is even worse when you are at the window and someone next to you leans over and closes it! 

Jeremiah Teahan

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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 3:42 am

Well, I find it both annoying and good that people sleep by the window. It's better that they sleep there than by the aisle. I hate it when you have to go to the can and someone's sleeping in the seats closest to the aisle. There is NO way to get out without waking them up. But sure - it's annoying cuz I love looking out the window too... Oh well, as long as I get where I'm going, I shouldn't complain. Better to fly and not look out, than WALK all the way looking out.  
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 3:54 am

I find it is much more uncomfortable to be seated on a window seat next to two sleeping passengers in your row ! That happened to me on a Continental (MD80)
flight two years ago ! Although I had the window seat it was nearly impossible to get up and see the cabin or go to the lavatory !

Generally, I never sleep when flying because sleeping onboard an aircraft, for me is, lost time !!!
Samurai 777
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 3:58 am

There's nothing wrong with politely asking to switch seats! I've done this, even once in Business class. I got the seat I wanted. The funny thing is, I'm a little surprised that too many people don't change seats because they don't know that it's perfectly OK to do so!

On an Air Canada CRJ flight from YYZ to YUL, prior to departure, this was an equipment change from a 767, so it was a real circus trying to find the right seat! I literally had to change seats twice, the first time, because the FA told me to give that seat up for a man. This was a window seat. Argh! The FAs were certainly not rude at all, but I could tell they were stressed out by the situation. Then it struck me - the man sitting in what was to be my window seat in the row front of me might be the husband and father to the lady sitting next to me and a boy sitting across the aisle from my aisle seat! I asked the guy in the window if he was related to the lady and the boy next to me. Yes, he said. Then I politely asked to switch seats if possible, so he could be with his family, and he said yes, also. So I got that window seat in the CRJ!

In the case I was sitting in Business Class on a Canadian Airlines flight from YEG to YVR, I hinted to a guy sitting next to me that I wanted the window seat, and he gladly gave up his seat. But I noticed him asking an FA if that was alright, even though I reassured him there was nothing wrong in switching seats! To top it all off, the guy sitting next to me was a retired CP pilot!

If the person sitting next to me has a window seat, not bothering to look out at all and doesn't want to switch seats, I just let it go at that. Sure, I find it a little irritating, but I can't do anything about that, unless the passenger was a real jerk!

So, just ask! The worst that will usually happen is that either the FA or the passenger with the window seat will say no! Like asking a girl out, only simpler!

RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 4:00 am

Oh!!!, sitting in the window seat and not using it's potential should be the eleventh commandment of the bible ,sins. I mean, come on, a window in an airplane is there for something. I was in this 737-200 flight from Miami to Panama, and the old woman next to me had the window closed all way, aaaarrgh!!!, at least she had the mercy of opening it for landing, I just couldn't have tolerated a flight without looking at the reverser deployment. Nah!!!, now if i can't fly on the window I won't go, and I guess that the wider the airplane the more $$$$ for a window seat, so the hell with widebody airplanes, I will rather go in a 757 or any other single aisle flying thing. And for last, if am in a window and some sleeping living thing is in the middle or in the inside seat, if after asking pollitely it doesn't wakes itself I will runover it. Sorry you window sleeping people out there, for me it is as annoying sleeping uncomfortable as is not looking out.  
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 5:15 am

I have solution for this problem  
In february I was on a Crossair flight from ZRH to KRK it was Saab 2000 I had window and aisle seat in ONE  

The only thing that was pissing me off was FA when she was walking back and forth with meals. Everytime she passed me she hit me hehehe

If you wanna have window seat fly Saab 2000  

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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 5:27 am

i hate it also, the window seats are usually the way I can take pictures of planes I cant get from the terminal and i get motion sickness so i have to see whats happening and if i am not sitting next to the window before landing and it is closed and the person is asleep, i get nervous, its one thing if its in the middle of a long overseas flight and your trying to get some rest and were basically in the middle of nowhere, thats ok but otherwise, keep the window open! thats the only way I fly is in window seats
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 8:20 am

I hate it when I don't get a window seat. Of all of my many many many flights, I've only sat in the aisle once. The rest were at a window.
I was pretty pissed off when I didn't get a window. Cathay Pacific was really nice about it though. I asked the flight attendant if I could trade seats with someone but she said all the windows were taken. So I went back to my seat in the aisle. The she came back after takeoff and asked if I wanted to take a visit to the flight deck (which is even better). I enjoyed that. Then I had to go back to my seat. I was still really mad since we were landing at Kait tak on the the famous R13 so I really wanted to get a good view, but that didn't happen. But at least I got a cockpit visit. This happened when I was like 8 i think.


RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 8:50 am

Sometimes the window area gets so cold I’ll wake up with a painful earache & soar throat. : (
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 9:14 am

Yes indeed. I love my window seats for gazing out at the world below. Especially here in the Caribbean, one gets a lovely view of the island chain as one flies and, if going to Miami, The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos too. My oh my, those islands look BEAUTIFUL with the turquoise waters around them and the white sandy beaches! Sleeping at a window? That is not just a shame, it is an insult, an absolute travesty!

My most notable experience with window seats was on a BWIA MD83 on a flight from POS to KIN. I was on the aisle seat on the port side and another passenger was at the window itself. I strained to look out at the islands and tried to tell him about the islands but he was not very interested and, after a short while he just gave me the window! However, do not do this everyday. It is a bit embarrassing.

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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 9:43 am

I know both sides of this story. I love looking out the window but then i cant fit on the window seat because there isnt enough leg room. So i have to take the aisle seat. It's tough to sleep on the aisle though because your elbow or even head will get hit. It has happend many times to me. Then if i lean my head down ill start to drool on my self! its a no win situation! i say no sleeping on planes!  
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 9:51 am

You're fed up that some people who have window seats aren't looking out the window when you would like to be? You got to be kidding. How old are you? Do you think that window seats are there for your purposes only?
Poor baby, Ovelix, doesn't get a window seat.


If that happens to you next time, ask for a coloring book and some crayons to keep you busy during the flight.

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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 10:17 am

Window seats are in every travel profile I have. My number one reason for flying windows is that it's the most private place on the plane. I sit by the window and always keep my head angled towards it. You'll find that, if like me, you hate talking to strangers on planes, this is the place to be.

The second reason of course is to see where the hell the driver is going.

RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Wed May 31, 2000 10:24 am

It ticks me off royally when someone sits at a window just to find a better place to sleep, with me stuck in the aisle. It doesn't get me near as mad, however, as I was once on a US 762ER from PHL-LGW...
I had been scheduled to sit in the center of the middle row (i.e, as far from a window as you can get), but my mom used her high status in US's FF program (Chairman's Preferred, I believe) to get me a window. It was my first transatlantic flight- there was no way I'd miss out on a window, and my mom agreed that I should be allowed one. It's important to note that I was 14 at the time.
Well, we get on the (full) plane, and no sooner have we pushed back from the gate than this stuffy little brat of a kid who had already caused us a 30 minute delay by ripping the tray table out of its mount entirely starts throwing a temper tantrum and demanding a window (he's in dead center of middle aisle). His mother, seated right next to him, presses the FA call button, and upon being told that all windows are full, proceeds to raise hell stating that she paid good money for this ticket and damned if she wasn't going to get her son a window seat. By this point, we had been delayed an hour thanks to the table-killing brat and an enormously fat person who went berzerk because he couldn't sit comfortably in the seat he was given, and demanded to be moved.
Afetr about 5 minutes of continuous screams from the brat and consistent, "I'm never flyng you again!" shouts from his mother, my mom looks over at me and says, "Ben, there's only one way to get this plane airborne." She then proceeds to hit the FA call button, and, before I can counter anything, tells the FA that we'll switch seats with the mother/son brat pack. Believe me, the flight was not an amicable one- the mother thanked us for being the only people on the plane with any decency (to which I responded, "You're quite welcome...(censored word mumbled after I turned away)."), and intentionally tripped the little brat just enough to make him stumble a bit on my way to my new seat- dead center of the jet. The brat slept the whole way, with the window closed! I strongly considered kicking the shrimp's tailpipe, but decided that a violent outburst on a full 767 was probably not the smartest thing to do.
It's experiences like this that convince me USAir should've been using its 757s for transatlantic flights all along...
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Fri Jun 09, 2000 5:53 pm

Try to book your flight as early as possible and ask the agent for a window seat. I allways do this and i never had a aisle seat.

And by the way I also use the window seat for a better sleep.  
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RE: Passengers Sleeping At Window Seats

Fri Jun 09, 2000 6:50 pm

My last flight. SIN-LHR. After 2 hours, I shut the shade and went to sleep for 6 hours. Before you all start moaning, it was a night flight so you couldn't see bugger all anyway.

On a Thai Airbus in December flying Phuket-Bangkok, I had one of those seats were you sort of get two windows. The passenger behind me leant forward and shut my shade! I opened it and then fully reclined my seat. No more bother there!!

One final point is that is it not common procedures for many airlines to ensure that shades are open for take-off and landing? On my last flight with SIA, this was certainly the case. I assume it's because if anything goes wrong, rescuers can see through the window for possible survivors.
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