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Delayed Luggage Procedures / Compensation

Mon Jan 30, 2006 5:44 am

Over the years I have had my luggage delayed maybe a 20 times during 500+ flights.

During this time the luggage was usually delivered within 24 hours, and mostly by the next flight.

So far (touch wood), no airline has ever completely lost my bag... but loads of inconvienience.

What are the airlines procedures for compensation,

I noticed in the US generally nothing is offered at all and Europe seems to have the compensation culture...

UA offered me an overnight sanitary kit a couple of times.

IB gave me a very nice leather zip up bag with everything I need (inc IB Tshirt and underwear), and after 6 months offered £15 compensation for the 48 hours I was without clothes, depsite offering me 57euro a day at the airport... they didnt pony up.

AZ gave me nothing for 3 days, but did allow me to expense 100 Euro a day, and did pay up after 6 months.

VS gave me a letter apologizing for my 24 hour delayed bag at the airport and asked me to consider flying them again.

AA offered me a free phone call

DL gave me a $50 voucher once for a 3 day delayed bag.

CO offered me nothing and asked me to pay for delivery of my delayed bag from NY to SFO, when it missed the connection from my LHR-NYC-SFO flight
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RE: Delayed Luggage Procedures / Compensation

Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:23 pm

Sounds like you have seen a fair amount of the procedures. It is just dictated by the airline.

I worked for DL many moons ago, and usually there is a set of gates that must be met. Usually after a week you will have to turn in a list of what you had in the bag, and then they would compensate you for the items that they deemed allowable in the carrier agreement, in other words, NO ELECTRONICS, JEWELRY, OR MONEYS.