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Triva Questions For Yall.

Wed May 31, 2000 5:32 pm

Ok guys it is a little slow here at work for me so I decided to come up with a trivia question. Since they have unfortunatly been in the new lately I thought I would ask a question about Alaska Airlines. Actually there will be two questions.

We are all familiar with the smiling picture of Johnny Cash that adorns the tail of their aircraft. They came up with that picture back in the early 1970's. It was one of four Alaska themed tails that they came up with to replace their earlier color scheme and motto. Three where retired because it was thought that that made it too confusing for passengers. People thought their was four airlines not just one.

Ok. Here are the two questions.

One. What where the other three pictures on the tails of the Alaska Airlines planes?

Bonus points if you can tell me the base color behind it. For example the current Bob Marley eskimo was the "blue" scheme.

Two. What was the name of the paint scheme that those four aircraft liveries replaced???

I'll give you a hint on this one too. It was also the motto for the airline at that time.