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FL 737 Lands In PNS

Thu Feb 02, 2006 7:43 pm

I know this is not extradinary news to those who work at or regularly visit big airports, but in relatively small Pensacola, Florida it was nice to see a brand spanken new AirTran 737 come into PNS yesterday. We usually see regional jets, 717's and MD-88's here that's about all, so it was exciting.
From what I understand, the 37 that came in yesterday at 1500 was loaded with military personnel and 211 bags from LAX. It was the first time I witnessed the airplane from the ramp view. The type, with winglets, has an impressive wing span for a 140 (137 to be exact) seat airplane.
I was glad to see it and hope in time we PNS will see more.
Any thoughts..?
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RE: FL 737 Lands In PNS

Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:07 pm

Quoting JmhLUV2fly (Thread starter):
relatively small Pensacola, Florida

OUCH! At least it didn't make the local news/paper.

I also noticed this yesterday.Inbound flight:FL423 Outbound:FL426
To bad no-one was able to take any pictures. (I was up in Century)
Also for the past few mouths their have been a few aircraft substitutions that differ from the regularly scheduled aircraft. For example:DL brought in a 738 to replace a MD88 flight. ATR-72 for a CR7 flight.

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RE: FL 737 Lands In PNS

Fri Feb 03, 2006 5:14 pm

From what I understand the DL 738 subsitution was unfortunately only to help with the Christmas rush, I was not working at the time the 37-8 came in,
it would be a nice change to see the type on a more regular basis. If only we can get some 57's to visit our neighborhood well be in good shape...yeah, I know on a hot day in the north pole, but its nice to contemplate....

Any other thoughts about Pensacola, Florida? I know someone must have some ideas to share away.


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