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Non-Rev Travel In The Middle East

Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:38 pm

I am going to be travelling to teh Middle East in a few weeks, and was wondering what airlines are best to Non-rev on to AUH or DXB. Interested in hearing about EK, QR, BA or anyone else you have tried and who upgrades SA pax on these flights and what requirements are there

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RE: Non-Rev Travel In The Middle East

Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:52 pm

QR upgraded me and some TG emps before to C class on non-rev but it does not always happen. I actually got a jumpseat on QR once due to a full flight, that was interesting for QR to allow that even I was just an airport staff worker. Just dont do the C/J/JUMPSEAT game. You have to look at your agreement list and see what airlines you can take to the middleeast and just go with whoever is wide-open. I would say BA/QR might be more available than EK, on most
routes. Why not just buy a ticket for all three airlines, BA/QR/EK and see which one you get on to the MiddleEast then when you return home, refund the tickets you never used.
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