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3 SW Questions (and I Really Mean SW...not WN)

Fri Feb 03, 2006 1:43 pm

I'm pondering a trip to Namibia this summer, and I have 3 questions about SW

First, are their widebodies safe? I'd be flying from FRA or LGW (probably depending on what day I need to be down there more than anything else), so I don't care about the smaller planes, but from what I have read, their m/x seems a little quesitonable. I know that one of their birds got detained at JNB for m/x in November.

Second, how much am I going to have to pay to fly down for about 6 weeks in the Southern Hemisphere winter? That's a broad question, and I'm really just looking for a ballpark figure. I realize flying to Africa is generally rather expensive.

Third, will I be able to interline to and from SW from an American or European carrier (most likely NW or KL)? I know they are in the process of changing over to E-Tickets, but it's not clear where in that process they are.

These are obscure questions, so I really do appreciate any information that y'all might have.
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