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Attention To Users

Thu Jun 01, 2000 1:39 pm

Hi All of you....

Please do not use the word "crash" on the topic. The last time was talking about "Continental Airlines Crash". It makes me chill out. I don't like the word "crash" on the topic. I know about Southwestjg737 is the most horrible on the topic and news! I'm glad they removed the topic. Next time, in the future, do not use for example "ABC Airlines Crash". Please use the topic for example "ABC airlines in the past or how it happened or record" you just wanted to talk about in the past crashed history. We can read the menu about history crash for any question or comment.. Thanks for your appreciated. Enjoy the reading the forum.  

PS - It is OKAY if it is a real life the plane crash at the time and you could use the Topic. No joke, no panic please!! Thanks..