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How Things Change!

Sat Feb 11, 2006 3:35 am

On the following link (French ) is an article that dates from June 2000.

I will translate the most important parts ...

The announcement of a merger between British airways and KLM now seems inevitable! and even imminent states the Wall Street journal ! By the end of the summer the British company should have taken over its Dutch competitor......

......In the USA
United Airlines is ready to acquire US Airways and AA is interested in taking over Northwest. In Europe , air France ahs finalised its partnership with Delta and Iberia . Following the failure in negociations between KLM and Alitalia,.....

As many of you know...most of what is written here is Obsolete or never happened...

Do you have any other source of what was thought to happen a few years ago but never did ?
A man without the knowledge of his past history,culture and origins is like a tree without roots

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