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JetPilot Are You Out There?

Thu Jun 01, 2000 9:58 pm

I haven't seen you around for a while. Are you still with U.S. Airways? If not then with Who?
If you are furloughed or not working, Send your resume to UPS I'm sure they would give you consideration because you have experience in both the DC-8 and the 72.

This posting you can get at

Flight Officer
Louisville, KY

Minimum Requirements:

Current ATP Certificate or written, Commercial Pilot Certificate with multi-engine and instrument rating (without limitations), Current FE written or turbojet rating, FCC restricted radiotelephone operator permit, Current FAA First Class medical certificate, Minimum 21 years of age, flight time will be commensurate with other qualifications.

Degree Preferred:


Majors Preferred:

No Preference

Job Description:

Flight Officers at United Parcel Service are responsible for the safe, on-time and efficient operation of our aircraft.

Job Added on: 05/26/2000 12:43 Fri
Job#: 10May0000072