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Books On No-frills Airlines

Wed Feb 15, 2006 9:07 pm

I already have:

No Frills by Simon Calder
Ryanair by S. Creaton
Southwest Airlines Way

I want to get Nuts! (another book about WN).

Can you recommend any other books about no-frills airlines? I know there's that one on JetBlue. Any others?
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RE: Books On No-frills Airlines

Wed Feb 15, 2006 9:29 pm

Nuts! Is good, but the information is about 10 years old and some of the policies proffered in that book are no longer applicable/correct. (It would be nice to see an updated version of this)

flyingHigh is the jetBlue book, I think that it is fairly good.

While not strictly related to LCC's, I would also heartily recommend Hard Landing: The Epic Contest for Power and Profits that Plunged the Airlines into Chaos by Thomas Petzinger, Jr. (a [former?] Wall Street Journal reporter). It's an excellent telling of the combined history of US airlines from the 1930s/40s through the mid-90s (I understand an updated version is in the works) -- it does a great job of showing how just about every [US] airline is related to just about other [US] airline.

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RE: Books On No-frills Airlines

Wed Feb 15, 2006 9:31 pm

I believe there was a book written (and probably out of print) on the 1980's big USA LCC/no-frills airline, PeopleExpress. It was a very unique airline, with ideas now found with many LCC's like selling beverages and snacks on flights, no hot food service, even charging a per-bag charge for checked luggage, as well as some huge flaws, such as severe overbooking, cross utilization of employees (pilots might do management duties when not in the cockpit) hasty overexpansion and other issues that eventually overwhelmed it's unique structure.
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RE: Books On No-frills Airlines

Wed Feb 15, 2006 9:32 pm

You are missing the boat if you fail to order (and read) "Southwest Passage" by that carrier's first president/CEO M. Lamar Muse.

It's available in paperback, not pricey, and has the highest "truth quotient" of any of the books about Southwest.
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RE: Books On No-frills Airlines

Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:37 pm

Sounds all interesting, but the subject doesn't seem to apply to Southwest.
As a random airline traveler.(ie best price to destination, and coach only) I have to say that Southwest's service is better than Delta, American, American Eagle, Chataqua, Comair, and Us Airways based on my last year of flying. The only gripe I have against WN is the non assigned seating(however the spacing and leather seats make up for it.

I haven't had a chance to fly Northwest, Continental, United, or Airtran this year.

I would like to know if anyone knows of a website that does a comparison of current service in various class configurations by airlines?
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