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Sat Jun 03, 2000 12:39 am

My girlfriend and I recently took to the air to reach Port Canaveral to take a cruise. The journey originated in Lexington and ended in Orlando, with a 50 minute bus ride from Orlando to the port.

Leg One:

LEX to ATL B727:

We took off at approximately 10:00am on Sunday, May 28. LEX usually only gets MD88's or 727's from Delta. This was the bumpiest of the flights. Full beverage service was not provided because of the air. Of course, I enjoyed it! I like the 727 and always have, but it is getting old, and it is time for their retirement. We arrived early after a 55 minute flight.

At ATL, we had to get to concourse E, gate 11, for the flight to MCO. We landed at concourse B, so we hopped the train. No problem.

Leg 2:ATL to MCO B777:

This was my first time on the 777. The flight had a few bumps on climb out and descent. I enjoyed the 777 flight. Of course, we were stuck in the middle, but I managed the aisle seat. We were toward the back of the plane, row 53 to be exact. The flight attendants were very nice, and completed the service fairly quickly on such a large plane. This flight looked fairly full.

At MCO: This was the first time that I had been at MCO. MCO is a beautiful airport, and the outside train between terminals was a neat experience. Although I prefer the practicality of ATL, MCO was better for spotting a complete takeoff and landing.

Leg 3: Return on June 1

MCO to ATL B767:

We took off at 1:10 pm on Thursday June 1. I really like the 767. It was very comfortable. I now see why Delta uses the 767 for many overseas flights. This was also a very smooth flight, but the FA service was average at best.

Leg 4:

ATL to LEX EMB120:

When arriving at ATL, we of course headed for concourse C. As we walked toward the Atlantic Southeast end of C, we noticed a very large number of people. We were to leave at gate C31, and there were two flights before us at the gate, and both were delayed. I looked around, and it seemed if every flight was delayed with ASA. Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes. What is up with ASA? Can they ever be on time? We boarded the Embraer 120(the first time for both of us. We were seated in row 9, B and C. I took the window for the first time on this journey. I promptly hit my head on the cabin ceiling when getting to my seat. On the takeoff roll, you could feel the speed a little more than you can on a large jet. It was not as noisy as I thought it would be. This turned out to be the smoothest of all of the flights, because of the smooth air. I had a great view, no obstructions all the way back. We flew right over Keeneland race course when landing. Excellent approach, I loved it. But I really wouldn't feel comfortable flying a prop in icing conditions. We arrived in LEX after about a 60 minute flight. Over all, the trip was good, but ASA needs to work on the timeliness issue badly, as they had many disgruntled passengers in ATL waiting through long delays. Our 30 minute delay was the shortest of the flights that wre delayed.

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Sat Jun 03, 2000 1:03 am

good trip report  , sorry things didnt work out well with ASA  
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Tell more about the service, what snacks or meals did you get?
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Nice report ! A bit more about the food service would be appreciated! 

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As far as the food service goes, on each leg we only received the small bag of peanuts/pretzels mix and a beverage. All flights were about an hour or less. Are there any U.S. airlines that serve more on short flights? Delta rules Lexington, but United may become a larger presence if the US Airways takeover goes through.