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3 FR Flights Hit By Lightning At SDR

Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:02 pm

It happened yesterday to flights
FR 2612 from STN
FR 9155 from CIA
FR 4475 from HHN

Departing flights from SDR back to these destinations were delayed during the evening until all 3 were cancelled at 20.00.

A FR STN-VLC flight did a stop at SDR to drop crew and technicians.

Flight to HHN were re-scheduled for 21.10 and finally took off at 22.00 while flights back to STN and CIA were re-programmed for 8.30 and are still grounded at 12.00. Expected take-off time is 12.00 for CIA and 15.00 for STN

More info at 3 FR Planes Stranded At SDR (by Aisak Feb 19 2006 in Civil Aviation)
and Local Press (in spanish)