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Sat Jun 03, 2000 5:28 am

People, just because United bought out USAirways, doesnt mean every US airline is gonna merge with somebody. I think i have seen every possible airline matched up on this forum.
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RE: Merge Merge Merge Merge

Sat Jun 03, 2000 5:35 am

How do you know! Merging seems to be the best thing to do with the major airlines. If the UA/US merger goes through, they would create a HUGE airline that no other airline could compete alone with.
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RE: Merge Merge Merge Merge

Sat Jun 03, 2000 6:29 am

I don't see how anybody can say its good or bad. We haven't seen a merger that even approaches this in the United States since USAir/Piedmont.
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RE: Merge Merge Merge Merge

Sat Jun 03, 2000 6:38 am

My friends AA is definately talking serious with NW, and that's official. If that's true I can assure you that DL and CO will be back at the table for the second time in 2 years. DL is financially great, even after purchasing ComAIr and ASA. DL has liquid cash!!! Just sit back and watch if UA and US clears the Justice Dept.....
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RE: Merge Merge Merge Merge

Sat Jun 03, 2000 6:52 am

... which is by no means assured. A lot of hard questions will undoubtedly be asked about monopolistic competition, particularly as there will be a danger of a big majority of US markets being dominated by a single carrier. The Justice Department is going to scrutinize this, as well they should.
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RE: Panamfan

Sat Jun 03, 2000 7:07 am

Panamfanatic, read the article on about the NW-AA deal. The DL-CO deal is outlined in there as well as the future on these mega-megers


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