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What Is Category 1?

Thu Feb 23, 2006 5:40 am

What is Category 1? Is it a certificate? I have read an article which says that the airline of Cape Verde holds various certificates, including Category 1 of international regulations. This doesn't seem to make sense to me as I thought Category 1 was limited to the USA, and I didn't think it was a certificate either.
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RE: What Is Category 1?

Thu Feb 23, 2006 5:42 am

A Category 1 certification means that the countries airlines have met the requirements set forth by the FAA and are given a certificate by the US DOT to operate in the united states. If they were cat 2, they would not be allowed to operate here under certain circumstances.

More on the IASA program here:

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RE: What Is Category 1?

Thu Feb 23, 2006 6:00 am

There are so many bloody category 1s and As.