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Who Operates This A/C?

Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:37 am

According to, Air Gabon does not operate any 757's. But the info obtained off of OAG states otherwise (and we all know they NEVER get anything wrong). Last I had heard Air Gabon was having trouble with its aircraft being "detained" in Paris. I believe it was a 747 that was grounded either for safety violations, lack of payment, or both, which forced the carrier to suspend service to Paris. So when I saw the following flight listed on OAG I was stumped. Is a charter carrier operating the flight to CDG on Air Gabon's behalf or did they obtain new equipment?

Back in September there was talk of acquiring new a/c including 777, 733 and 744.  Wow! (Source: But nothing about 757's.

I thought perhaps someone could shed some light on this. I am already scheduled with AF from LBV to CDG but the Air Gabon flight allows me to make a better connection in CDG and hence get back home a day and half early. I am also trying to determine if it would be safe to fly this a/c. With Air Gabon's shady mx history I am apprehensive to fly them, but if this operated by a third party then I may consider it.

Flight details for

Air Gabon GN 610

Libreville, Libreville

Depart time
11:15pm Sunday Mar 19, 2006


Paris, Paris Charles de Gaulle Apt

Arrive time
6:15am Monday Mar 20, 2006

Aerogare 1

Total time
7 Hrs, 0 Mins

Aircraft Stops

Business Class
Meal served appropriate to time of day

Economy Class
Meal served appropriate to time of day

Day of Operation
Su *Valid Feb 21 2006 until Mar 19 2006

Boeing 757 (Passenger)

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RE: Who Operates This A/C?

Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:42 am

Could it be Eagle Aviation ?
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RE: Who Operates This A/C?

Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:13 am

This is just a total guess but it could be this. Omni Air sometimes operate flights for other airlines. Maybe Air Gabon have got this one to do it?? Doubt it but I thought I'd give it a guess anyway.  Wink

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