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What Happend To SQ 747-400 Today In ZRH?

Sun Feb 26, 2006 2:50 am

My girlfriend left today for Madrid from ZRH and since her flight was delayed we decided to go to Dock B observation deck . It was about the same time we were close to the runway in the ZRH meet a month ago so we got to see SQ 744 getting ready to takeoff. It was already taxxing for a while until it turned 180 ° on to another taxiway ans stopped. It remained like that for about 30 min. Since it was getting cold and my GF had to catch her flight we weren't able to stay on the observation deck any longer and left it with the SQ 744 still not moving!

Would anyone know what exactly happenned ?



P:.S Greetings to AviationMaster whom I bumped in in the Migros this afternoon !
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RE: What Happend To SQ 747-400 Today In ZRH?

Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:50 am

While Im sorry as I dont have the answer for your question, your post have reminded me something similiar I had seen from that observation deck on 2001.

I was waiting for my connection flight from to FRA from TLV with SR, as I had 3 hours at ZRH I went to the observation deck.

There was an M11 bound to N. America (I think so, I dont remember exactly), the a/c had already taxied to the RWY, but then, after waiting for 10 min, it moved and exited the RWY back to the gate.

By the time it had arrived in the gate an ambulance came and so I got the answer for that 'drama'.

Maybe you had something similar?

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RE: What Happend To SQ 747-400 Today In ZRH?

Sun Feb 26, 2006 12:30 pm

Quoting El Al 001 (Reply 1):
Maybe you had something similar?

I doubt the SQ incident described by Rootsair was caused by a medical emergency as the aircraft was standing still at the taxiway for at least 30 minutes. But who knows, it could well be a medical emergency. Anyone else with more information on this SQ ZRH incident?