707-320 (?)

Sun Jun 04, 2000 12:10 am

Guys, what is the DC-8 equivalent of the Boeing 707-320 (?) intercontinental?
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RE: 707-320 (?)

Sun Jun 04, 2000 1:08 am

In terms of passenger capacity and range, I believe that the DC-8 series 40/50 was designed to compete with the intercontinental 707.
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RE: 707-320 (?)

Tue Jun 06, 2000 3:47 am

If by 707-320 you mean the JT4A-powered original Intercontinental (which I assume was last made in the early 1960's) then the Douglas equivalent was the DC-8-30 series. But if you're talking about the far-more-numerous JT3D-powered 707-320B and -320C then the Douglas equivalent would be the DC-8-50 series and DC-8-62.

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