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It's Time For THY To Divorce Worldinfocus!

Tue Feb 28, 2006 2:12 am

I think management in THY should throw away their buddies in Worldfocus and kick their two cripled airplanes out. There isn't a week that goes by I keep reading some horror stories about this airline that should have been dead long time ago.

The latest incident involves trying to land in now closed Samsun Airport which is really hard to mix with the new Carsamba airport.

The reputation of Turkish is being tarnished so that the Aydin Kiziltan and company can have some kind of a cash flow in their hands. No personal or political relationship should be higher than the image of the entire airline.

If they are really short of airplanes, you can always get the -400s from MNG that shut down its pax operations.
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RE: It's Time For THY To Divorce Worldinfocus!

Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:09 am

Are you saying that the management at TK is doing world focus a favor by leasing their two MDs, some kind of kick back?
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RE: It's Time For THY To Divorce Worldinfocus!

Tue Feb 28, 2006 8:40 pm

I totally agree with you Bahadýr.

THY is not a place of helping hand for bankrupting companies,especially with a bad record of safety.I read the incident from the newspaper as "THY plane did this" None of the crew are THY members,they only wear the same tie as we do,they go do bunch of stupidity and it ends up people accusing THY since the airplane has the title TURKISH written on it.

I also dont believe the we are short of airplanes crap,after the entry of these to MD83s we recieved 6 new airplanes and will be recieving more this year.

I say we have to get rid of this scene which is totally not showing well on the giant leap we are trying to make on the world arena.

By the way the wrong airport landing in Samsun is only creditted by a passenger who looks from the side window at night by the newspaper,so I think its not much of a believable story.But my thought about this World Focus is the same regardless of this incident is true or not.
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