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Curious Flight!

Tue Feb 28, 2006 5:08 am

Hi Everyone,
I was at work today and around 09:45(Berlin) what appeared to be a Fokker70,
(I'm guessing because it was a little foggy) was flying really low flight patterns. First at highspeed then at slower speeds, banking left and right,however maintaining the same FL. This went on for a good hour or so. He'd fly out for five to ten min. then return on the same flight path almost making a "figure-eight" flight-pattern.Then he was gone.
On clear days I see planes all day,and all at fl350. That is why this came to me a bit strange.
The closest Airport is Nuernberg, and that's only 85 KM away and he was way too high to land there, but way lower than normal flight level. Is there anyone that could shed some light as to what might have happened here?

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