777 Quiet?

Sun Jun 04, 2000 9:50 am

Is the 777 quiet? Lots of conflicting opinions. I have never been on one, so fill me in thanx. DO NOT COMPARE TO AIRBUS!!!
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RE: 777 Quiet?

Sun Jun 04, 2000 9:54 am

Depends on where you sit, when I flew from YYZ-KIX on a 777, i sat near the back by the window, and it was not very quiet, in fact i found it to be quite loud, than on the way back to YYZ, i sat near the front in the middle of the plane, and there you could hear a pin drop it was very very quiet, so i guess it just depends on where in the airplane you are sitting....
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RE: 777 Quiet?

Sun Jun 04, 2000 9:56 am

To me the A320, MD80, 737(300 and up), 757, and 777 are all the same, no difference, I really can't tell no matter where I sit, unless it is in the very front of the aircraft in row 1 or 2. It is, however, quieter than a 737-200, DC-9, or 727. Those old model JT8D engines really make you know that they are there and that they are working.

Yes, the 777 is quiet, atleast as quiet as any airplane can be.
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RE: 777 Quiet?

Sun Jun 04, 2000 10:00 am

I have flown on six UA 777s and never had a problem with noise. I think that they were a little bit quieter than older aircraft, but there was not a big difference. I think that I got distracted watching the movies on the PTVs with headphones on that I didn't hear many other noises. Overall, the 777s were very pleseant experiences. 

RE: 777 Quiet?

Sun Jun 04, 2000 2:16 pm

For me, B777 is very noisy especially at the rear. I couldn't sleep at all for the whole flight. Anyway, I'll be on B777 again on 22th of this month with MAS, I hope I'll be able to get a seat which was 'AS FRONT AS POSSIBLE!'. Good luck.
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RE: 777 Quiet?

Sun Jun 04, 2000 3:23 pm

The larger engine inlet you have, the quieter the aircraft. That's why 727s, MD-80s, etc are usually noisier than other aircraft. With the 777s engine being the size of a 737, I would imagine it's fairly quiet.
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