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PT, PP And PR..why So Many Brazilian Reg Prefixes?

Tue Mar 07, 2006 8:41 am

If I recall, when the Brazilian LCC, GOL went into operations a few years back a new regristration prefix, 'PR'
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was introduced (as the comments in the photo indicate). So, just out of curiousty, why are there 3 different reg prefixes fo Brazil?

I believe Mexcio uses XA for airliners and XB for private a/c. Are there any other countries that have more than one prefix for civilian a/c?

Again, just curious

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RE: PT, PP And PR..why So Many Brazilian Reg Prefixes?

Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:35 pm

According to what I heard, not from a very trusted source, there were no more PP and PT register available, so the Brazilian Aeronautic Registry had to open a new registry line, the PR.
You can see that each airline has the same first 3 letters, only the last 2 letters varie for example: VARIG - PP-V__, Rio Sul - PT-S__ or PR-S__, VASP - PP-S__, TAM - PT-M__ or PR-M__, GOL PR-G__, BRA - PR-B__, Transbrasil - PT-T__, Panair - PP-P__.
Also, currently there are almost 11.000 aircraft registered and active in Brazil.

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