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New TED Mexico Flights Out Of ORD?

Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:45 am

"Crain’s Chicago Business reported that United Airlines is putting Ted on the “front lines” of a hotly contested battle for a new route to Mexico from Chicago, arguing that the Department of Transportation should approve its bid for the route based on the fact that it is a low-cost carrier and is good for competition. The piece noted that United is competing against Frontier Airlines and USA 3000 for the route."

Would that be Cancun the article is talking about? It seems to me that United lacks frequency to quite a few Mexican destinations. I'm also surprised that United isn't looking to restart service to GDL. ATA's flight out of MDW always seems full.
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RE: New TED Mexico Flights Out Of ORD?

Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:50 am

Haha, Ted a low-cost carrier? That's ludicrous.

Ted is a brand name slapped on the side of a few all-coach United Airbus A320s. The flights are ground-handled by United rampers, piloted by United pilots and dispatched by United dispatchers. There's *zero* difference between the cost structures of a Ted flight MDW-MCO and a United flight ORD-MCO, except for the increased seating capacity on Ted - but even that is offset by the marginal reduction in F revenue and the 33 percent increase in flight attendant staffing costs.

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USAir A321 service now departing for SFO with fuel stops in CAK, COS and RNO. Enjoy your flight.