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727-100 Tail Height

Mon Feb 15, 1999 4:45 am

Do you know the tail height of the 727-100? (Distance from the ground to the top of the tail.)
The 727-200's tail height is 10.36 metres is it the same?

Craig Stewart
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RE: 727-100 Tail Height

Mon Feb 15, 1999 4:52 am

go to from there, use the scroll down menu to select the 717. The rest is self explanitory.
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RE: 727-100 Tail Height

Mon Feb 15, 1999 4:58 am

I am at work so I don't have my book with me to look it up but I belive it is the same. All I can tell you is that if you get lifted up on a CAT-V200 Forklift you are still about 10 feet below the tailheight. I know this because we had to deice the tail sometime and the forklift is what lifted us up to the tail.

You may want to try the URL The have 727-100's is service and they have a page that describes the equiptmen they use. I don't know if it has the height listed though.

RE: 727-100 Tail Height

Mon Feb 15, 1999 8:37 am

Also, you can check out which is Boeing's "airport technology" page. You can download more info on all Boeing and MDC planes than you'd ever want to know! Including tail height.

Noel Benford

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