Virgin's 747-200s

Mon Jun 05, 2000 8:49 pm

Do you know if Virgin Atlantic has redone any more of their 747-200 series? I was talking to the Virgin attendent at the ticket counter a few weeks ago at MCO and she said that all the aircraft that fly into Orlando were scheduled to have already been repainted and renovated inside. This, though, had not happened yet, due to delays (what's new??). I was just wondering if Virgin had redone any more of their 747-200s (more than the two that had been done - Dancing Queen and High as a Kite).
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RE: Virgin's 747-200s

Tue Jun 06, 2000 12:12 am

Seeing that they have fallen behind schedule, I would expect that none of the aircraft will be painted until September. Due to the throngs of pax that these airframes are needed for during the summer, they tend to schedule maintenance and re-painting during the slower winter months.
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RE: Virgin's 747-200s

Tue Jun 06, 2000 4:01 am

I flew into London/Heathrow on Virgin May 3rd and left from Gatwick on
Continental, May 8th. I saw many Virgin aircraft parked around the
terminals. At Gatwick all the 747-200's flying out from there that day
were in the old livery.

I believe only two have been repainted and fly the Miami and ORD

As CX747 writes, with high load factors all summer long, it isn't very
likely that any more will be repainted and refurbished although those
that receive C checks, will probably be retrofitted.

Virgin's fleet have a high utilization level.
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RE: Virgin's 747-200s

Tue Jun 06, 2000 6:06 am

Just to add to the destinations listed by ContinentalEWR, we in BOS see the new livery rather frequently. The only one I know of is G-VIBE, are there any others.

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RE: Virgin's 747-200s

Tue Jun 06, 2000 6:12 am