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Adam Air's CGK-SIN Grand Launch Cancelled

Thu Mar 16, 2006 11:38 pm

Just got news today that tomorrow's (17 March 06) grand launching of Adam Air's CGK-SIN route will be cancelled due to "VIP's not coming".

Apparently, someone pointed out to me that the VIPs were members of Parliament, and in particular the Parliament's 5th Commission/Committee, which is currently investigating Adam Air's Tambolaka Incident (more like a scandal instead).

No members of the committee have stated they would attend and most have declined the invitation. One MP (Adjie Massaid of the Democratic Party) said that he would not fly on Adam Air until the human errors, technical errors and management errors have been sorted out. A few MPs said that they regret seeing the Speaker of Parliament's name, Agung Laksono, who is a Commissioner/part owner of Adam Air is stated as one of the signatories to the invitation. One MP has stated that such action is an "abuse of power" and said that people can report/submit complaints to the Parliament's Honour Committee. Another MP from the 5th Commission also said that it's wrong for the commissioner of a company to put his/her government/state title&occupation in the invitation... especially when the airline is being investigated!

Now, why can't I stop laughing about this?

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RE: Adam Air's CGK-SIN Grand Launch Cancelled

Thu Mar 16, 2006 11:51 pm

Perhaps they should have tried different VIP's.