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Lufthansa VIP, Lufthansa Technic, BBI Airport

Sat Mar 18, 2006 7:16 pm

Hi there!

I just found some interesting news from Germany. They've been published in the German newspaper "Die Welt"

At first Lufthansa is able to do a IL1 Check (something similar to a D-Check) in some 23 days on an A340! That should bring more customers to Hamburg. Good luck to the crew! You guys are as fast as formular 1!

Second Lufthansa has made some contracts for outfitting VIP jets from the A320 family. They even got an exclusive contract for beeing the only MRO outfitting the A318 Elite! A Swiss carrier named Comlux already ordered those jets.

And last but not least: Some unbelievable news from BBI project. The highest court for the decision on to built or not to built has done the following statement: Yes it's OK to been built, BUT: No night flights between 00:00 and 05:00. And between 22:00 and 06:00 you'll need special permissions. And you only get those of the flight cannot be done during the day. I cannot remind a big airport in the world that is located at the capital and that has a night flight ban. Maybe Leipzig Airport is getting happy with it as DHL is moving their hub fom Bruxelles to Leipzig in 2008. Now thy can be sure DHL and other cargo companies are going to Leipzig instead of BBI. And BBI won't be a reason to be afraid of in Hamburg as long as they have a night flight ban too.

What do you think?

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RE: Lufthansa VIP, Lufthansa Technic, BBI Airport

Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:08 am

There is already a thread about BBI airport, your thread title is a bit misleading I thought that Lufthansa VIP and Lufthansa Technik have plans regarding BBI airport.
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