What Airports Are Due For Remodeling?

Tue Jun 06, 2000 1:52 pm

What airport needs a lot of Remodeling? I believe ATH hellinikon airport.


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RE: What Airports Are Due For Remodeling?

Tue Jun 06, 2000 2:05 pm

Among airports in the Caribbean, KIN (Norman Manley Int'l) is presently being redone with a new passenger concourse and gate area. BGI (Sir Grantley Adams Int'l) is also being extended to cope with rising passenger traffic.

Certainly the most ambitious project right now is at POS (Piarco Int'l), at which a totally new terminal is being finished. The new terminal is about 3 times the size of the old one and will feature 14 gates with 12 aviobridges plus other enhanced facilities. It is due to open on 31 August 2000.

Both TAB (Crown Point Int'l) and GEO (Dr. Cheddi Jagan Int'l) need some attention - TAB is small, becomes overcrowded when widebodies land or depart and is close to the runway while GEO is much the same except that it is further from the runway so that planes parked there do not violate ICAO runway clearance guidelines (as in TAB).

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