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American Carriers In Brazil?

Tue Jun 06, 2000 2:06 pm

I was wondering if any American airlines, like United or American fly national flights within Brazil? I know that other airlines do....I heard that Swiss Air might. And since many American companies are investing in Brazil due to its rapid economic growth,I thought its possible that some American ones might already be there.
I dont mean flying to Brazil. I know they do that frequently already. I mean having pilots living there and flying national routes. Are there any? Thanks!
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RE: American Carriers In Brazil?

Tue Jun 06, 2000 2:58 pm

Não há. Por lei é proibido. Aliás, em nenhum país do mundo (tirando a União Européia) empresas estrangeiras podem operar rotas domésticas. O mais perto disso são empresas estrangeiras que usam trechos domésticos de vôos internacionais para redirecionar o tráfego.
Por exemplo:
American tem um vôo BHZ-GIG-MIA, outro GIG-JFK passageiros de Belo Horizonte com destino a Nova Iorque trocam de avião no Rio, sacou?
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RE: American Carriers In Brazil?

Tue Jun 06, 2000 6:08 pm

In addition to the above, UA also flies GIG-GRU and psgrs can connect to ORD for example while the GIG-GRU plane contnues to JFK. I don't think US carriers are allowed to transport psgrs domesticallly within Brasil. The777Man
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RE: American Carriers In Brazil?

Wed Jun 07, 2000 12:32 am

Rafabozzolla is right. Only in the EU, for example, italian AZ flies BCN-VLC and BCN-AGP, both domestic in Spain, or SN (belgian) flies BCN (in Spain) - VCE (in Italy).

For the case of UA flying ORD-GIG-GRU, the only thing they can do is take pax from Chicago to both Rio de JAneiro and São Paulo, AND pax from both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to Chicago, BUT NOT from São Paulo to Rio de JAneiro or viceversa.
Another comparative example is (was...   ) VASP taking pax to MAD and BCN from Brazil, but not from BCN to MAD. On the opposite way, when OA flies low season ATH/BCN/MAD/ATH some days and ATH/MAD/BCN/ATH some other ones, besides taking pax from MAD to ATH via BCN or from BCN to ATH via MAD, they could, if they wanted to, take also pax from MAD to BCN of from BCN to MAD.

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RE: American Carriers In Brazil?

Wed Jun 07, 2000 1:04 am

Ok,thanks guys! Yeah,rafabozzolla,I knew they did that. Infact,when I go to Belo Horizonte each year,I fly the American Airlines route,MIA-GRU-CNF.
I just thought that maybe some American ones flew domestically in Brazil,I didn't know it was against the law.

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