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Article Highlights Phil Derner, Jr. And Others

Mon Mar 20, 2006 6:31 am

The article talks about the law enforcement hassles that PlaneSpotters have to endure as a result of 9/11. It features quotes from a few spotters, one of which I recognized as an Airliners regular (Phil Derner Jr.)

It also talks about my home airport of SLC and uses the Airport department getting rid of the official observation park as an example of "security" measures taken after 9/11. (My opinions about this are another story )

Quoting Steven Morgan:

Morgan's most dramatic run-in with police occurred a year after the Sept. 11 attacks, at Dulles International Airport outside Washington. Morgan was on the top level of a parking garage peering at airplanes through a telescope. A police car idled behind him, soon joined by two others.

Suddenly, the police cars gunned their engines and squealed toward him, pinning Morgan into a corner. The officers rushed out of their cars and barked at him to back away from his car. One officer drew his gun, recalled Morgan, who works as a budget analyst.

"I was standing there shaking in my shoes," Morgan said. "I calmly told them I was not a terrorist. I was not doing anything against the law."

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