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JetBlue Most On-Time At BOS

Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:32 pm

It's ironic, isn't it? I think it just shows that B6's JFK ops. has been the major problem, not BOS.

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RE: JetBlue Most On-Time At BOS

Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:49 pm

To be fair, though, the data covers a time period before jetBlue was flying the BOS-JFK route. It also covers a period of time where the carrier had fewer flights than it does now. Also, while impressive, the numbers are trending downward to account for the additional flights:

Quote: JetBlue flights arrived at Logan on time 79.7 percent of the time last year, down from 89.4 percent in 2004. For departures, JetBlue had an 81.4 percent on-time record, the fifth best of airlines serving Logan. Unquote

Industry watchers also expect no repeat in 2006 for jetBlue.

I am a little concerned that jetBlue is reaching too far, too fast. Time will tell, I guess. I contrast them with AirTran, which is taking a much slower and steadier approach to growth. I favor neither airline and haven't flown on either one. But this comparison has a distinct 'tortoise & the hare' theme to it. jetBlue announced two new cities this past Friday alone, while AirTran is expected to open two new cities in all of 2006.

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RE: JetBlue Most On-Time At BOS

Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:04 pm

If you read the article carefully, there are issues beyond the airlines control. In the case of airlines like AA, CO, DL, US, and UA, a good majority of flights are routed through delay proned airports from BOS, which itself is delay proned. When you have your flights operating through ORD, EWR, PHL, and ATL, you are going to have delays. What I do find interesting is NW was the worst in the on time department, yet their big hubs, DTW, MEM, and MSP are not what I would consider airports with delay problems. I wonder if the AMFA walkout has anything to do with this.

With JFK coming online though, B6 will be hard pressed to maintain their record, especially with their big expansion in BOS. My prediction would be for DL to reclaim the spot, with US competing. The only issues these guys will have are the LGA shuttles, and their ATL and PHL hubs, but US is rock solid everywhere else and so is DL.