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LX And Darwin New Codeshare BRN - LCY

Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:05 am

The Lugano based Swiss Regional "Darwin Airline"(0D) and "Swiss International Air Lines" (LX) announced a code share on the route between Bern and London City.

LX will take a contingent of 15 seats on each flight of the 50 seat on the SAAB 2000 jetprop. 10 each in Economy and 5 each in the newly introduced business class. This is indeed a very positive sign for BRN airport, as LX officially abandoned it from its network 2 years ago. In regard with flights to the UK, flown by the national carrier, we have to go back to the sixties, when Swissair served the Bern - London route with a DC-3.

Darwin started to serve BRN - LCY in February 2005 with it's SAAB 2000, initially once daily as LUG - BRN - LCY. With beginning of the winter schedule 05/06 they moved on to twice daily. During the winter the route was served by Skywork Airlines Do328 equipment on behalf of Darwin. By the end of the month, the SAAB will be back and fly it twice a day plus a nice charter program this summer, linking BRN with the Mediterranean.

The full press release can be found as: http://www.darwinairline.com/cmn/CstampaENG-novita-estate.pdf

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RE: LX And Darwin New Codeshare BRN - LCY

Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:09 am

I clicked this thread thinking it was a joke route.
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