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Ansett To Acquire 12 Boeing 747s

Wed Jun 07, 2000 8:45 am

Ansett Holdings Ltd., Australia's No.2 air carrier, may acquire 12 Boeing 747 jetliners as part of a plan to start flying to the U.S., the Australian newspaper reports, citing industry sources. The plan to expand Ansett, of which Air New Zealand is about to buy 50 percent, takes into account research showing Australian passengers prefer local air carriers, the newspaper said. The newspaper said Ansett may fly repainted Air New Zealand 747s to help it expand outside the domestic Australian market, where competition is about to become tougher with the introduction of two new carriers

On May 31, Kendall Airlines, Ansett Airline's regional subsidiary, said it was considering buying as many as 12 jet aircraft, built by Montreal-based Bombardier Inc. at a cost of $20 million each. These planes will carry 70 passengers.
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RE: Ansett To Acquire 12 Boeing 747s

Wed Jun 07, 2000 10:21 am

This rumour has been floating for 18 months now with nothing coming of it. Neither NZ nor AN can possibly afford to fund 12 new *extra* aircraft at this time, unless their friend SQ helps them out. Nothing will happen till at least the end of the year (due to AN's heavy involvement in the 5 ring circus that's in SYD this year) if it does at all. AN is in desperate need of replacing it's domestic fleet, which is 95% of it's bread and butter and would think that is the priority first. Still, stranger things have happened.
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RE: Ansett To Acquire 12 Boeing 747s

Wed Jun 07, 2000 10:23 am

Any chance that Ansett will fly to JFK, EWR, and SFO or . I would very much like to see an Ansett 747 flying SYD-JFK or SYD-EWR.
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RE: Ansett To Acquire 12 Boeing 747s

Thu Jun 08, 2000 12:29 pm

It is all speculation! Wait until Air NZ fully holds ownership of AN (& SQ directly or indirectly holds 50% of the merged company) before we draw any conclusions.....Jim Mcrae (NZ) & Dr Choong (SQ) have both stated publicly they want to aggressively expand AN both internationally & domestically. The media love to speculate & whilst some of what they report may be factual, a great deal of artistic licence is also used.
Ansett's major problem currently is that it can't get it's hands on SQ's B747-400's. That may soon change now that SQ has ownership (25%) of the newly formed AN/NZ company. Time will tell, Ansett desperately needs a new fleet of narrow bodied aircraft & also needs to replace its high cycle/time B767-200's. My sources told me that it would be a fleet of Airbus 319/320/321 aircraft, however that was prior to the sale of AN to NZ, so anything could happen now!
My feeling is that a new fleet announcement is not far away, but how long have we been saying that???? Needless to say AN now has a very strong sharholder in SQ firmly aboard now & that can only be a good thing. They are cashed up, have plenty of B747-400's, B777's and access to lots of other great aeroplanes, not to mention the engineering commonality that will be created for the three carriers by using the same equipment!
LAX (only) & MEL-HKG (once rights have been obtained) are the priorities at AN international currently & if rights can ever be achieved, NRT is also a keenly sort after future destination to complement KIX.
I watch with eager anticipation!

Ansett Australia - (was) One of the worlds great airlines!