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Wed Jun 07, 2000 12:29 pm

Anyone flown on an ATR-72-212? Specifically on CO Express. I have a flight on one from IAD-EWR and have never heard much of these a/c.

I searched for their website on yahoo and all I found was a blank page, kinda wierd.

RE: Aerospatiale?

Wed Jun 07, 2000 5:06 pm

Go to - that is the website of the manufacturer.
The ATR 42 is a french turboprop, and the 72 is a stretched version of it. Fairly popular in Europe, though blown away by the regional jet boom. For a while they joined efforts with Avro to form AIR and produce the Bae146 derivatives and the turboprops under a single brand, but it did not work out.

I guess it's a pretty safe plane (never been in one), but boring because it is a turboprop.

PS: I don't think ATR stands for Aerospatiale, though.
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RE: Aerospatiale?

Wed Jun 07, 2000 6:30 pm

ATR stands for Avions de Transport Regional.

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