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How To Become A Pilot?

Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:45 pm

okay I think I want to be a pilot and i have a plan i will be going to http://www.aims.edu/academics/aviation/index.php for 2 years and from there i will be transfering to another school to get my four year degree. and hopefully flight school. does anybody no of a better way or how to improve on this plan. any suggustions would be great. also what flight school is the best? based on success from their pilots not just training thanx. also is it true that starting pilots make about 15,000 a year?
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RE: How To Become A Pilot?

Fri Mar 24, 2006 4:31 pm

My advise would be to not associate flying with college. Get a degree in something other than aviation. Get your private license at your local airport. If you enjoyed that then I would consider going the pilot route. Your local flight school will be just fine and you will spend a lot less than the national pilot academies. Please keep in mind that you will suffer and pay your dues to get that major airline job, 2 pilots that I know that have made it to the airlines both have told me that at some point in their careers they really suffered to get to that point and that they had no life, just eat, sleep,and fly. It's a hard job, and you will be gone half the month, and that's only if you know your schedule, some just live by their phones, are you able to live with that?

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