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Need AA Jetnet Help

Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:09 am

I am looking to travel from DFW to TUS on 27 March. I have access to DL's res system and it shows conflicting info for the flights that day. The same flight (1111) shows different availability if I search DFW-TUS vs. ATL-DFW-TUS. Could an AAer send me some info for the flights that day? It would be much appreciated.

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RE: Need AA Jetnet Help

Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:38 am

27 march.

1111 1036-1155a (16-120) booked (16-125)

1633 1243-1404 (16-120) booked (8-124)

2017 1439-1558 (16-120) booked (10-123)

1545 1639-1800 (16-120) booked (13-121)

393 1753-1914 (16-120) booked (12-114)

897 1851-2013 (16-120) booked (9-103)

1029 1949-2111 (16-120) booked (9-120)

Hope that helps. All MD-80s of course, and the best looking ones are flights 393 and 897.
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RE: Need AA Jetnet Help

Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:11 am

Just so you know, the computer isn't nuts (although perhaps someone in HDQ is!). The reason the flight shows different availability is due to yield management. In the convoluted effort to maximize revenue, sometimes a flight will show sold out in a local market, and yet still available if booked as part of a connection (which will result in a higher total fare). You rarely notice it, but it does happen.

It used to be when that happened you could book the full connection, and then go back and cancel the connecting leg, leaving only the leg you wanted in the first place. Sabre, however, has caught on to that little trick and won't let you do that anymore!
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