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Florida West Cargo & Chile Cruise Day Trip Victims

Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:23 pm

As many of you know, 12 people died on a day trip in Chile from their boat cruise on Thursday. Ten (10) of the dead were from a senior restricted community in southern New Jeresy. As they were all Jewish, they had to be transported quickly back to NJ for services and burial. Many news reports on TV have shown pictures of a Florida West cargo airline aircraft that transported the remains in travel coffins/containers (even showing the continers inside the aircraft).
Apparently from the pics on TV, at the picture part of this website, and going to their website, it was a 767-316 F/ER model. I have never heard of this cargo airline before, but they are based in Miami and specialize in cargo transport in Central and Northern South America, including scheduled freight flights. Apparently they were chartered specifically to bring back these bodies. Some of the comments with the photos on this site, suggests that they have worked with LAN-Chile Airlines and there people have experience in servicing Chile.
I hope these victims of this tragedy didn't suffer and that the prompt service by Florida West airlines helps to reduce the pain of the victims' families.
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RE: Florida West Cargo & Chile Cruise Day Trip Victims

Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:35 pm

Florida West for all practical purposes operates under LAN Cargo banner just as ABSA in Brazil and MAS Air of Mexico. LAN has stakes in all the carriers and has cleverly crafted each one to allow for things such as greater traffic rights which LAN Chile on its own would not be able to acquire.

Florida West besides its 767, also leases in B747s from carriers including Atlas Air on a regular basis.
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