AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 2:40 am

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could let me know how American Airlines is on their transatlantic services. I am thinking about taking a trip from JFK-CDG. Can anyone tell me how their 767s are and how the food and entertainment, etc., are on AA 767s transatlantic flights, either by personal experience or u just know? Also, is JFK a huge gateway for AA and are they going to start AA services to Tel Aviv? Will JFK ever become an AA hub? Thanks again.
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RE: AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 2:45 am

AA is not bad on transatlantic flights at all. In fact, their best in-flight
service seems to be in international markets and transcontinental

AA now has two flights from JFK to CDG. The early evening flight is
on a 767-300ER. The later flight is a 767-200ER. The -200ER is
cramped, has no seat back videos, and isn't very nice on overnight
flights. Thee -300's are better, many have seatback videos.

DL, AF, CO (from EWR), have 777's to Paris though.

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RE: AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 2:59 am

I have flown AA from BOS-CDG a couple of times in the last 2 years and found the service and entertainment pretty good. The first time was on an A300 with PTV's (coach) which I did'nt particularly like as I found the screen too small and if it was too light in the cabin I could'nt see it very well. The second time ,I was on a 767 which did'nt have PTV's, which was fine with me for the reasons above. I liked the large screen much better! ( I am sure there are those who will disagree with me!!) The food was fine, I had no complaints about it at all, the f/a's were friendly and very professional, the only thing I could think of that I did'nt like was that the seats were too close together! which they are going to start remedying in the future!
Hope this helps a little!
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RE: AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 3:10 am

I flew AA EWR-LHR and JFK-LHR. They do an excellent job on those routes. They are much better international and trasncontinental such as JFK-SFO. But their other service stinks. I like the economy and the food is vey good. Enjoy your flight.
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RE: AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 4:53 am

I've flown on AA's International Flagship Service between DFW-LGW (B777), ORY-DFW (B767-300), and ORD-MXP-ORD (B767-300). In each case I was fortunate to have flown First Class. The food, service and ambiance were exquisite!

AA is also in the process of refining its award winning International Flagship Service, by adding "More Room Throughout Coach," "More Room throughout Business Class," B767 First Class Sleeper Seats, and the recently announced B777 First Class Flagship Suites. These features are also complimented by new interior (cabin) designs, wall coverings, carpeting and seats, along with larger pillows, blankets and new amenity kits in First Class soon to be introduced.

Overall, AA's International Flagship Service is Superb! Enjoy!
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RE: AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 7:12 am

it is definately underated, their service is very friendly and professional aswell as very esquisite, I flew them LGW-DFW on buissness class and the service was great and i have also used them for ORD-ZRH in buissness class, and they were the new seats and they were definately one of the most comfortable seats I have sat in. the food was unbelievably good and could not be any better and they give you mini TV's that you can watch movies on and the movie selection is very good, and the service was very friendly and professsional, AA is the way to go. dont let AA's domestic service keep you from flying them internationally.
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RE: AA Transatlantic Service

Thu Jun 08, 2000 7:37 am

I have recently flown ORD-LHR and CDG-DFW and although not that special, the flight was reasonably enjoyable. The 767 (probably what you will be flying from Paris; it was the only type of AA a/c I saw when I was there) is a nice-sized aircraft with 2-3-2 seating and the service is somewhat attentive. No PTVs, though, which would have made the flight much better. JFK is a major gateway for AA, but I am not sure I would call it a full-fledged hub with dozens of regional flights every day. Have a nice trip.

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