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Used Aircraft Values Stage Recovery

Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:16 am

•A 15-year-old 767-300ER will achieve lease rates of up to $500,000 a month, double the $250,000 that would have been fetched three years ago.

•The newer A330 will achieve monthly lease rates of around the mid-$500,000 to $600,000.

•Airbus has made life difficult for the A340 by praising the virtues of the four engines over the two-engined Boeing 777, and then coming out with a two-engine replacement. Airbus had 12 net orders for the A340 last year, compared with Boeing’s 154 sales figure for the 777.

•Airbus should see the A350 as the solution rather than derivatives of the A340 – it’s better than giving away money.” Of the four engines, he says: “It doesn’t make sense for most operators.

•Some still see signs that the A320 market or at least some sections of it, are still slightly lagging the Next Generation 737 types. The A320 market took a bigger hit than the 737NGs in the downturn, as a high proportion of the major casualties (and the walking wounded) were operators of the type, including Sabena, Swissair, United Airlines and US Airways.

•Appraisers have concerns with the A380. “There is definitely a residual value issue. Avitas puts a figure of $176 million on the A380, based on a single unit sale (with true market value at around 8% less).

•On the same basis, Avitas has a value of $101.3 million for the 787-900, $99.9 million for the 787-800, $109.7 million for the A350-900 and $99 million for the A350-800.
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