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How Can I Get Into The Airline Industry?

Sun Apr 02, 2006 6:27 am

Sorry if this post shouldn't be in this forum, but it is civil aviation related.

Well I'm finally going to bite the bullet. I've decided to quit my current career and pursue my dream of working at an airline. I know it's not a glamour industry, I know I'll take a pay cut and start at the bottom again, I know all the good and bad, but it's in my blood. You all know what I mean.

So the question is. What is the best way to get it and what should I be aiming for? I have a degree in business and Grad Dip in Law. In my early 30s, and have been in sales for 5 years and customer service all my working life.

What do airlines look for on resumes and applications letters?

If you have any advice, I'll appreciate it.

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How Can I Get Into The Airline Industry?

Sun Apr 02, 2006 8:30 am

Question is what do you want to do? CSR stuff is much different than loading the baggage into the belly. Airlines at my local airport have the buiseness i'm currently employed with fuel their birds, which may also be a way to go. Check the local FBO and see if they do the fueling for the airlines. If your interested in Customer Service definently put that you have done alot of CSR stuff in your past as it looks like you have. I wish I was a CSR but i'm too young. Oh well!

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RE: How Can I Get Into The Airline Industry?

Sun Apr 02, 2006 3:16 pm

One way is to work for a support-services contractor, like my company. We design, develop, program and install IFE systems. I'm a software engineer, project managing many installations, so I get to spend a good amount of time in and around aircraft while the IFE systems are installed. It's a lot of fun! There's plenty out there too - IFE systems, avionic and telemetry software, integration contractors, logistics software for dispatch centers etc...
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