Delta Freighters

Thu Jun 08, 2000 9:06 pm

I know this is old but i remember hearing something that Delta was going to keep a few of there L1011's and convert them into freighters. But i've not seen anything or heard anything about this. Is Delta still going to convert some of there L1011's into freighters or have they drop it?. I would love to see a few of them as freighters even more in the new delta colors
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RE: Delta Freighters

Thu Jun 08, 2000 11:21 pm

I think the plan has folded. All TriStar's will be sold to an Irish airline, correct me if I'm wrong.

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RE: Delta Freighters

Fri Jun 09, 2000 2:26 am

They will all be sold to Celtic Airways. Celtic Airways will be a cargo airline. I have also heard stories that they will start passenge services out of Shannon!

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RE: Delta Freighters

Fri Jun 09, 2000 3:46 am

I think Delta might take its' MD-11s and convert them to freighters in a couple of years as more 777s come in.